Jan Koenderink

Dr. Jan Koenderink was interviewed by AHCIM in August 2014

“Within the AHC we have a unique community, coming together with parents, patients, researchers not only medical researchers but also basic science researchers and we are all in the same conference and we should apply together for grants and also try to convince people to donate for better research”


Bill Krenn

Bill Krenn, father of Emory, was interviewed by AHCIM in September 2015

“When you are one in a million it feels really lonely”

Joshua Marszalek

Joshua Marszalek, father of Kathryn was interviewed by AHCIM in July 2014

“We went through a period of mourning because family plans and goals are rewritten when you have an AHC child”



Dominique Poncelin

Dominique Poncelin is father of Patrik was interviewed by AHCIM in August 2014

“Patrik has very severe seizures and has to be put in an artificial coma for 8-20 days two times a year on average”