Paul Hodes – Minneapolis 2014

Paul Hodes, father of Lisa, was interviewed by AHCIM in July 2014

“Its up to us parents to be advocates for our children”

The purpose of AHC International Library is to collect information about AHC and related disorders and make them visible for everyone.

Doctors, researchers and family can share information on this media and together we can help each other get closer to the goal of having an effective treatment for AHC.

AHCIM will continue to interview interested parties that have information on AHC or related disorders to share .

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Marley Weaver

On September 21st, 2013 Marley Weaver was diagnosed with Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood (AHC) which is a very rare neurological disorder which cause paralysis that attacks either one or both sides of the body. The paralysis can last for minutes, hours or days. There is currently no cure for AHC. Marley is currently 23 months old and fighting AHC. She is such a bubbly little girl and is always full of laughter. There is never a moment when she isn’t smiling. Towards the end of June 2014 there is an AHC gathering for family’s who have children with this disorder. It is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The doctors who found the gene and who specialize in children with AHC will gather and explain the disorder

Brook Tasi then and now

Brook Tasi did an interview 2012 which was very powerful, she asks the doctors to find a cure.

Now here is another video where she tells us she had a bad episode 2015 and has to use a walker now.