David Goldstein – Duke University 2014

Dr. David Goldstein was interviewed by AHCIM in October 2014

David Goldstein is an American human geneticist. He trained in theoretical population genetics at Stanford University (PhD 1994), where he worked with Marcus Feldman and Luca Cavalli Sforza. Goldstein is founding Director of the Institute for Genomic Medicine at the Columbia University Medical Center, Professor of Genetics and Development and directs the genomics core of Epi4K and administrative cores of Epi4K with Dan Lowenstein and Sam Berkovic.

The purpose of AHC International Library is to collect information about AHC and related disorders and make them visible for everyone.

Doctors, researchers and family can share information on this media and together we can help each other get closer to the goal of having an effective treatment for AHC.

AHCIM will continue to interview interested parties that have information on AHC or related disorders to share .

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